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Parks affected by fire

Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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The park contains over 530 species of plants - about one-fifth of the total number of species of Victorian native flora recorded in the State - making it one of the most floristically diverse parks in Victoria. Common eucalypts include stringy barks and peppermints. Other common plants are Saw Banksias, tea-trees, bush peas, wattles, heaths and 25 species of orchids.


Numerous species of frogs can be heard in the many swamps within the park. Swamp Wallabies, Emus and Echidnas can often be seen, especially on the edge of tracks and firebreaks. Night life includes Ringtail Possums, wombats, Owlet-Nightjars and bats. Birds are abundant with 126 species recorded.