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Lake Trail

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Bird watching
Short walk

The Lake Trail goes all the way around the lake. It's a great walk to explore the park.

There's a small jetty along the trail - a good spot to drop a line and try your luck fishing.

Bird watchers can take a short detour off the trail to visit the birdhide for a spot of bird watching.

Accessibility information

The lake trail begins at a small bridge over an inlet. The approaches to either side of the bridge are the steepest points on the trail. Both approaches are short but have a gradient of 1 in 12.

approach to the bridge
The approach to the bridge is the steepest point of the trail.

From the bridge the trail circles the lake and has a total distance of 1.8 kilometres. The trail surface is smooth asphalt and is a minimum of 1.8 metres wide. Throughout its distance the trail is predominately flat. The sloping sections do not exceed a 1 in 20 gradient.

Just after the bridge is a picnic area that has a pavilion and several of the square open sided tables.


Down from the picnic area there is a small fishing jetty that is accessed via another asphalt path. The gradient of this path is 1 in 14 The jetty is level with the path and has a large “T” section at the end.

lake trail - fishing platform
Fishing is permitted from the jetty.

About half way around the lake is a bird hide. The path to the hide is entered through a wide gate. The gate is locked with a wire loop around the top of the pole. Removing the wire loop and opening the gate would require finger dexterity and the ability to lift ones arms about 1.2 metres. The gate is light to open.


Three quarters of the way around the lake is a second jetty off another short access path. This path is steep. People using a wheelchair or a walking frame would require assistance and need to take caution. The slope is consistently 1 in 10 with the final 25 metres increasing to 1 in 8.


The park has a small boat or canoe lanching area. It has a small concrete ramp and an adjacent loading jetty.

Both can be accessed from the lake trail. There is level access onto the loading jetty.



For more photos and information about the boat launching ramp and the bird hide, click on the links above or in the left hand side menu.