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Accessible canoe launcher

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The accessible canoe launcher is located on the northern side of the King Billabong feeder channel, approximately 100 metres from Psyche Pumps. Easiest access to the canoe launcher is via Psyche Pumps Road. Access to the Murray River from the canoe launcher is not possible due to the water regulator barrier separating the Murray River from Kings Billabong.


A carpark is located next to the canoe launcher and this is suitable for vehicles and small buses. The car park has a compacted gravel surface and can accommodate approximately 12 vehicles.  There are no designated disabled parking bays.  

Carpark next to canoe launcher 


Accessible canoe launcher

Vehicles are able to unload canoes and disembark passengers within a few metres of the canoe launcher. 

The facility consists of a stable platform to the water adjoined by a floating pontoon ramp leading down into the water.

Canoe launcher at Kings Billabong 

The canoe launcher ramp has a series of rollers and supports that enable the canoeist/s to safely board the canoe on land before rolling the canoe down into the water.

Canoe launcher at Kings Billabong 

Momentum into the water is achieved by the canoeist pulling downwards on the hand rails and the reverse applies when wanting to return the canoe back on land.

Canoe launcher at Kings Billabong 

The launcher is approximately 110cm wide and is suited for most kayak and Canadian canoe style designs.