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Candlebark Campground

Camp sites in the Candlebark Cove area are generally free of obstructions and on firm ground. There is a designated accessible toilet and shower facility.

Lakeside Camping Area

This large camping area is on a sloping site near the lakeside. The steep sections of path and uneven ground surface reduce overall accessibility. There are few accessible facilities or features to aid movement around the site. Site 6 is one of the more accessible.

Forsyth's Flat Picnic Area

This picnic area has tables and chairs both under shelter and in the open, and gas barbecues are available. Paths are firm, although not always over level ground. A boat launching ramp (accessed by separate road east of Forsyth Flat) gives the best access to the water. The Parks Victoria pontoon may be available to assist with access to boats - ask in advance.

Jerusalem Creek

Jerusalem Creek has a picnic and camping area with basic facilities. There are some good camping sites with firm and fairly flat ground, but a number of obstacles such as vegetation and leaf litter must be negotiated when moving around the site. There are no accessible toilet facilities.