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Culture and heritage

The Ngutuwul balug or "mountain people" of the Dwab wurrung tribe occupied this area. Four rock art sites, numerous shelters, scar trees and other artefacts have been found.

Major Thomas Mitchell climbed Mount Langi Ghiran, which he named Mount Mistake, on his 1836 'Australia Felix' expedition.

The River Red Gum - Yellow Box open woodland was grazed by domestic stock from the early days.

The two reservoirs in the park were built from locally hewn granite blocks in the 1880s. The main reservoir, which is listed on the National Estate Register, still forms part of the Ararat water supply and is worth a visit.

A "spot mill" for extracting timber was built on the northern slopes in 1940 but was short lived. Little evidence remains to remind us of the mill's past operation. Granite sand for road building was extracted from two small sand pits in the 1960s and 1970s. These pits have been closed and revegetated.