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Ackle Bend Campground

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  • At Ackle Bend Camping Area visitors may notice that Red Gums are currently experiencing dieback, this is caused by a native insect, known as a Psyllid. Find out more. at Ackle Bend Campground Tuesday 23 May, 2017
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Camp fires

This campground provides great views, particularly at sunset. Walkers can follow a 1km track to the Wimmera River before returning to the campgrounds.

Ackle Bend camping area is located on the Wimmera River, south of Dimboola via an unsealed road that is suitable for two wheel drive vehicles.

Advance bookings and payment are required year round.

There are 10 unpowered sites available with a maximum of 6 people per site. Sites cater for tent-based camping, caravans, campervans and camper trailers. Generators are not permitted.

Remember: Red Gums are particularly prone to dropping large branches at any time without warning. The safest place for all visitors to enjoy a rest, pitch their tent, park their car or have a picnic is in a clear area away from large trees.

Non-flush toilets, shared fireplaces and shared picnic tables are provided.

No drinking water supplied – supply your own. Limited non-potable water may be available from a rainwater tank on site.

Only allowed in designated fireplaces – supply your own wood.

There is no rubbish collection at this campground, please take all rubbish with you.

Dogs and other pets are not permitted.

Campfire guidelines

  • Light fires only in the fireplaces provided or use a portable camping stove instead
  • Ensure fires are never left unattended and are completely out before you leave
  • During summer and autumn Total Fire Bans are common - this means no open fires can be lit
  • For information on Total Fire Bans call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667