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Toilet and shower block boat launch end

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There are two toilet facilities in the park, one on the edge of either carparking area.

Both have an identical unisex toilet cubicle with out swinging doors that have a lever type latch and D-shaped handle. The doors are very light to open. They are both fitted with an internal rotating type lock with a small wing handle.

The rooms have ample maneuvering room and space beside the toilet for a wheelchair.

The toilet seat height is 460 millimeters. There is one sloping grab rail on the side wall in front of the toilet. The flush is on the rear wall and consists of two large recessed push buttons. The action is light requiring little effort.


There is a hand basin with clear space underneath it and no exposed hot water pipes. The tap is a push type with self timer. The action to activate the tap is light and the timer period a generous length. The rooms had an automatic hot air hand dryer.