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Picnicking and sight-seeing

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Enjoy a picnic or a barbecue while watching the colourful parrots feeding.

Facilities include five picnic rotundas, gas and wood-fired barbecues, picnic tables scattered throughout the garden, a playground, three toilet blocks and an information shelter. 

Picnic facilities are available on a first-in, first-served basis. No bookings are available.   

Admire the grandeur of the 41-metre high dam wall, the major feature of the park. Construction started in 1920 and finished in 1927. The gardens were created gradually after the completion of the wall.

Marvel at the reservoir that harvests water from the surrounding closed catchment of forested mountains.

Maroondah, along with other protected catchments is an important source of Melbourne’s water.

Some of Maroondah's features to explore include: historic valve houses, the ‘Rose Stairway’, exotic gardens, native eucalypts, scenic lookout and the reservoir spillway (overflowing during spring, depending on seasonal conditions).

Accessibility information

There is an information shelter near the bottom of the main carpark that can be accessed via a short path on a level compacted earth/crushed rock surface. The shelter has a level paved surface and there is sufficient room under the shelter for manoeuvrability for wheelchairs.

The picnic tables, rotundas and barbecues are spread over a large area in the park.

Some picnic tables are located in the open while others are located under rotundas.

The locations and different designs of picnic tables make some more accessible than others.