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Cape Schanck - Walks

Short walk

Accessibility informatiion

There are two walking tracks . To the right of the ticket office is a path leading to the boardwalk to Pebble Beach. This is the longer of the two trails being 350 metres to the lookout over the boardwalk. It is also the steepest with sections of the path reaching an approximate gradient of 1 in 10. It is all downhill from the carpark making it a long uphill walk out. There is a good spot to view the lighthouse 50 metres from the ticket office, before the path starts its steeper descent.

track to boardwalk

The path to the Eastern Lookout is shorter at 170 metres with a manageable gradient of approximately 1 in 14 at its maximum. The lookout provides stunning ocean scenery towards Flinders.

There is a path linking the Eastern Lookout and the Boardwalk Lookout but it is narrow and stepped making it inaccessible.

Eastern lookout - track

Eastern lookout

Eastern lookout