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Sorrento Back Beach

Short walk
Snorkelling/SCUBA Diving

Sorrento Back Beach is located around 1.5km south of the town of Sorrento. The beach is a popular location for activities such as surfing, swimming, walking and exploring the rockpools at low tide.

The beach is patrolled on summer weekends and holidays. Please swim between the flags as ocean beaches are dangerous for swimming.

Facilities at the site include a large car park and picnic area with toilets. A cafĂ© and kiosk is available year round and also caters for functions and weddings.

A short 0.5km circuit track from the lifesaving club to the lookout rotunda provides excellent views along the coast. Add 1.2km loop to Sphinx Rock.

Coppins track, which starts at the kiosk, is a three kilometre guided historic walk that winds along the cliff tops to Diamond Bay tracing the history of the area over the last 100 years. The track follows sections of the original 1800s limestone paved footpath.

Accessibility information

For visitors with limited mobility 

The Sorrento Ocean Beach is the best place to gain access to the beach in the Mornington Peninsula National Park. There are views over Bass Strait from the carpark and cafe.

This is a good place for a longer stay or a full day trip.

Next to the kiosk is a short (40 metre) access ramp to the beach. Its slope is approximately 1 in 12 for the first 14 metres then 1 in 14 for the remainder. The ramp ends with the soft fine sand of the beach.

beach access beach access

There is a 4.0 metre wide disabled parking bay next to kiosk and another 3.6 metre wide bay next to the changing rooms.

The kiosk is accessible and has one outdoor accessible table.

There is a picnic area in the lower carpark. The lower car park has two designated disabled parking bays either side of the entry to the picnic area. The picnic area has two square picnic tables that have one free side allowing visitors in wheelchairs to roll up to the table. Barbecues are also available.


The changing rooms contain one accessible unisex cubicle.

There is good maneuvering room within the cubicle and bars at the side and rear of the toilet. There is space beside the toilet for a wheelchair. The flush is operated by two large recessed buttons on the rear wall just above the grab rail. The hand basin has clear space beneath it and no exposed hot water pipes. The internal door lock is a rotating type with wing handle.