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Hang gliding
Medium walk / Day walk
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Camp fires

Gorge Day Visitor Area

  • Tracks around the Gorge area of Mount Buffalo National Park are generally wide and flat, and the site entry and car park are easily accessible.
  • Toilet facilities include an accessible unisex facility with a sealed approach path.
  • Scenic views are accessible.

Lake Catani Campground

  • Lake Catani campground is reasonably flat, with firm ground, and good paths to the picnic and toilet facilities.
  • There are designated accessible toilets, though they are not fully compliant with current standards.
  • Surfaces are unsealed but generally free of obstacles.
  • The boat launching area and jetty are not easily accessible.

Snow Play

  • Access arrangements can be made by telephoning the Mount Buffalo park office on (03) 5755 1466.
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