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Gorge Day Visitor Area

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The Gorge Day Visitor Area, perched on the edge of the Gorge, offers tables, viewing platform and toilets for disabled visitors and a historic stone hut and fireplace available for picnics.

Numerous walks depart from this location including The Big Walk, The Underground River, Gorge - Catani Track, Gorge Heritage Trail. The site is also locate close to the Mount Buffalo Chalet.

Lookouts at the Gorge offer superb views of the Australian Alps.

Accessibility Information


The Gorge Day Visitor Area has a large sealed carpark that has angled parking for over 40 vehicles and some parallel spaces for bus parking. There is a designated disabled car parking bay close to the viewing area that looks out over the gorge. This bay has room for for visitors in wheelchairs to disembark from he side and rear of the vehicle.  There is a small cross slope in this parking bay that wheelchair users need to be aware of.

There is also a designated disabled parking bay at the other end of the carpark close to the visitor toilets. This bay is designed for passengers to disembark from the rear of the vehicle and also has a small cross slope. 

Carpark at Gorge day visitor area 


Viewing Areas

The main viewing area from the top of the gorge is not wheelchair accessible as it is located on a large boulder and accessed via steps.

Viewing area at Gorge day visitor area 

Information shelter at Gorge day visitor area 

There is a separate, smaller viewing area adjacent to the main viewing area which is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. The design of the safety railing allows good views from a seated position.

Gorge viewing platform 

The viewing area is approximately 40 metres from the designated accessible parking bay. Access to the viewing area is via a reasonably level path of compacted crushed rock that leads from the carpark and also to the visitor information shelter. 

Path to Gorge viewing area 


There are visitor toilets at the far end of the carpark that consist of separate male and female standard toilets and a separate unisex accessible toilet.

Carpark near toilet at Gorge day visitor area 

The toilets are approximately 25 metres from the designated accessible parking bay and access to the toilet is via a wide, sealed sloping path of approximately 1:12 gradient.

Toilet at Gorge day visitor area 

The accessible toilet has an outward swinging door with an easy to grab door handle.  

Accessible toilet entrance at Gorge day visitor area 

The toilet cubicle area has adequate room to manoeuvre wheelchairs. Grab-railing for the toilet is located on the left side wall and behind the toilet.   

Accessible toilet cubicle at Gorge day visitor area 

A wash basin with a cold water tap is located in the corner of the cubicle. A fold down child change bench table is also in the cubicle.

Handbasin in accessible toilet at Gorge day visitor area