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The geological evolution of this granitic range and subsequent variations in soil, slope, aspect and fire history, has influenced the parks' diverse vegetation.

Beneath the majestic Blue Gums and Mountain Swamp Gum, the moist environment support a dense understorey of wattles, dogwood and bracken. The drier forests of stringybarks, boxes and peppermints expose an open understorey of hardy shrubs and tussock grasses.

Colourful displays of wildflowers at various times in the year include peas, trigger plants, everlasting daisies, milkmaids and orchids.


The forests shelter a host of well known Australian wildlife including kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, possums and gliders and the granite rocks provide warm homes for a variety of lizards and snakes. In contrast, you may also notice the soil disturbance from wild pig populations.

From the tall canopy through to the forest floor, the park protects a great range of bird life including lyrebirds, rosellas, currawongs, bower birds, Wonga Pigeons and the gracious Wedge-tailed Eagle.