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Fishing and Boating

Recreational line fishing is popular throughout the park, both from the shore or by boat. Anglers seek Snapper, King George Whiting, flathead, Garfish, Salmon and others. Good surf fishing can be found on the ocean beach at McLoughlins Beach or from the beaches of the barrier islands.

A Recreational Fishing Licence is required to take fish (including bait and shellfish) in all Victorian marine, estuary and freshwaters.

Obtain Recreational Fishing licences from Department of Environment and Primary Industries offices or fishing stores, including the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide, which specifies size and bag limits, and seasons for different fish.

Knowledge of tides is essential. The shallow water and twisting channels make it easy to run aground. All boats must travel less than five knots when within 200 metres of any structure, boat, person or the water’s edge.