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Hawkstowe Picnic Area

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Take a look back in time at the historic Hawkstowe Picnic Area. You'll be impressed by the brick and bluestone Le Page homestead, barn and stables.

Take a walk around the picturesque lakes. Sit on the jetty and discover the abundant wildlife. Maybe the friendly kangaroos will come and visit you.

The picnic area has toilets, electric barbecues and picnic shelters.

Opening hours

The park is open daily from 7.00am - 5.00pm.

During daylight saving, the park is open daily from 7.00am - 7.00pm.

Accessibility Information

The Hawkestowe Picnic area is on two levels.

Lower Carpark

The lower car park gives access to the picnic facilities and a large grassed area. The car park has a designated disabled parking area with signs on the wall. The individual bays are not line marked.

Hawkestowe lower carpark

There is a no parking area next to the bay that is marked with raised sleepers 75 millimetres high that can be used for loading. The surface of the car park is gravel and level.

Hawkestowe disabled parking

Picnic Area

Entry to the picnic area is at the opposite end of the car park to the disabled parking spaces.

Hawkestowe entry to picnic area
Entry to the picnic area from the carpark

Level access is provided through the garden to the flat grassed area. There are gravel paths running through the area. The paths are all level and are of a fine hard packed gravel.

Hawkestowe picnic area path 

Two picnic pavilions are located to the left. Each is accessed by a gravel path and has a level concrete floor. The picnic tables are steel framed with fixed side seating and a small 225 millimetre overhang at either end.

Hawkestowe sheltered picnic table
A picnic table under one of the shelters

A barbecue is between the two pavilions. It has two hotplates at a working height of 800 millimetres and is push button operated. The buttons are recessed and require flinger dexterity to operate them within their recessed surrounds. The barbecue has a two wing benches at the same 800 millimetre height. There is a fine, crushed gravel surface around the barbecue.

Hawkestowe picnic area barbecue

A second barbecue area is located to the right of the path from the carpark at the base of the hill leading to the homestead. The barbecue is of identical design. There are two picnic tables with a 460 millimetre overhang to allow wheelchair users to sit front- facing.

Le Page Homestead and Upper Carpark

The Le Page homestead is up the hill from the lower carpark. It can be reached by a path across the lawn but it is uphill for 200 metres at an approximate 1 in 14 slope. Manual wheelchair users would require assistance. The path leading from the designated disabled parking spaces has no steps.

An alternative parking area is located between the homestead and the outbuildings. There are no designated disabled parking spaces. The parking area is a level gravel surface.

Hawkestowe upper carpark
Upper carpark

There is a great view over the old farm and the large dam below from rear patio.

Le Page Homestead rear patio view

It is a large area and there are two tables with movable chairs that allow wheelchair users to sit at them front facing. The are large trees offering protection from the summer sun.

Le Page Homestead patio

The verandah areas of the Le Page homestead are wide and level with the car park allowing wheelchair access to the arts school when it is open.

Le Page Homestead verandah   Path into Le Page Homestead
Le Page Homestead verandah and access

Le Page Homestead barn