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Cheetham Wetlands

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  • Cheetham Wetlands will be closed Until 16th March 2019 due to a new electronic gate being installed at Cheetham Wetlands Tuesday 12 March, 2019
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Cheetham Wetlands, consisting of salt marshes and natural and artificial lagoons of Skeleton Creek, are a natural bird haven. These internationally significant wetlands provide important feeding and habitat areas for thousands of migratory birds from Japan, Siberia and New Zealand.

The Tower is a public art commisson which provides a visible symbol and celebration of migration to Australia and, from its platforms, unique vantage points from which to view the Cheetham Wetlands with its sensitive ecology.

The landscape contrasts with the rest of the park with distant views of the city and the You Yangs as a backdrop to the marshes.

Accessibility Information

The carpark at Cheetham Wetlands is just beyond the entrance to the Point Cook Homestead. This is a gravel parking area with no designated disabled parking spaces.

The key attraction at the Cheetham Wetlands is the observation tower built as a dedication to "Migration and Aspirations". The track to the tower is 1.5 kilometres each way and it is flat for the entire length.

The track starts at a gate and follows the formed access road.

Cheetham Wetlands entry path

Pedestrian entry is through this 1.2 metre wide gate. The gate has a chain closure where the latch has to be lifted over its post and this requires it to be turned and aligned. Finger dexterity is necessary to both open the gate and to feed the chain back through it to close it again.

Cheetham Wetlands gate

There is a junction 800 metres down the path. The wetlands walk follows the left hand branch through another small gate with a chain closure. It is 1.2 metres wide and has the same latching method as the gate at the entrance. This path is narrower at about 1.5 metres wide. It crosses a board walk constructed of horizontal wooden planks. The boardwalk is edged with timber strips 75 millimetres high and the gaps between the timber boards do not exceed 13 millimetres.

Cheetham Wetlands trail boardwalk

The road that continues straight ahead at the junction leads to the observation tower without going through the wetlands or across the boardwalk. The road alternative is 200 metres longer.

The tower is situated on the edge of the wetlands and gives a commanding view over the former salt production pans which are now being reclaimed as a natural wetland.

Cheetham Wetlands observation tower

The tower is fully ramped to the main observation deck.

Cheetham Wetlands observation deck

There is a final section at the top of the tower that is accessed by circular staircase only. The ramp’s slope is 1 in 14, is fitted with handrails on both sides and has level rest areas. Its surface is made of timber planks with the gaps between them less than 13 millilitres.

Cheetham Wetlands tower ramp

The final section of the tower is almost level across to the observation deck and is made of an expanded metal deck. The gaps here are 25 millimetres wide and users of wheelchair with small front casters would need to take care.

Cheetham Wetlands tower metal deck