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Loch Ard Cemetery

Accessibility Information

The Loch Ard Cemetery path is accessed from the road leading to the Thunder Cave and Broken Head Walk carpark. The cemetery can also be accessed from an unsealed walking track that leads from the main Loch Ard carpark and links into the Loch Ard Cemetery path. There is limited parallel parking at the start of this walk and no designated disabled parking.


The path to the cemetery is sealed, approximately 1.7 metres wide and is reasonably flat.


There is a small slope of approximately 1:12 once through the entrance of the Cemetery enclosure.


There is a sealed path around the graves but room for maneuverability is limited. There is also an unsealed path to the cemetery from the Mutton Bird Island carpark. This path is approximately1.5 metres wide and 300 metres long. The surface is medium to small compacted crushed rock. Some sections have a gradient of approximately 1:12.