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There are three main vegetation types in the park. On the ridges there is an open forest of Red Stringybark, Long-leaf Box and Red Box with a grassy understorey and scattered shrubs such as Golden Wattle and Woolly Wattle. Grey Box is the most common tree on the lower slopes and better drained plains with similar scattered shrubs. In the wetter low-lying areas, an open forest of mainly River Red Gum with scattered Hedge Wattle and Wallaby Grass occurs.

A total of 137 plant species has been recorded including a number of rare species. There are 14 species of wattle including the rare Bent-leaf Wattle, 18 orchid species and many wildflowers such as Blue Pincushion, Tall Lobelia, Creamy Stackhousia and Diggers Speedwell


The variety of vegetation types in the park provides a wide range of habitats for birds and animals. Over 100 different species of birds, 17 native mammals and a number of reptiles have been recorded. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo, sugar glider, Brushtail Possum, Echidna and Yellow-footed Antechinus are common and several species of bat may be found.

Birds include:

  • Plumed Honeyeater
  • White-winged Chough
  • Gang-gang Cockatoo
  • Eastern and Crimson Rosella
  • Spotted Pardalote
  • Diamond Firetail.