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Sugarloaf was assessed for accessibility in 2012.

Of the two main picnic areas at Sugarloaf Reservoir Park, Saddle Dam picnic area is the more accessible. The ground is flatter and designated accessible parking, picnic settings and toilets are provided. The paths around the picnic areas are generally good.

The longer walking track around the reservoir and down to the water's edge is steep and unsealed.

For more information about the accessibility of the facilities at Sugarloaf, refer to the links below.

  • picnic - bbq

    Saddle Dam Picnic Area Accessibility information The Saddle Dam picnic area is the most accessible within the Sugarloaf Reservoir Park. Parking Just inside the entrance are two designated disabled parking bays, each is 4.1…

  • birdwatcher

    Southern Lookout & Carpark Accessibility information The Southern lookout and carpark is located next to the Saddle Dam Picnic Area. It provides a similar view to that available at the Saddle Dam Picnic Area.…

  • western lookout - fishing, path

    Western Lookout & Carpark Accessibility information Parking There are no designated disabled parking spaces available. The carpark surface is asphalt and is level. It has a concrete curb 150 millimetres in height but there…

  • Ridge picnic area

    Ridge Picnic Area Accessibility information The Ridge Picnic Area is spread out around the ridge at the northern edge of the reservoir park. This picnic area has limited accessible facilities. Wheelchair users and…