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Park Office, Visitors Centre and Wet Weather Hall

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Accessibility information

(For visitors with mobility limitations)  

The park office is accessible via a short wide path from the car park to the office entrance. Some sections of path have a slope of approximately 1:12 gradient.


The main entrance has swinging double doors but normally only one of these doors is open. The width of the single door entrance is approximately 800mm wide.

There is ample room for manoeuvrability once inside the office.

Wet weather hall

The wet weather hall can be accessed from the same path leading to the sheltered picnic and barbecue area.

Due to the building's age and design it is generally not very accessible.

Entrance to the hall is wide enough for wheelchairs.

In the hall, there are 12 tables, bench seats and a kitchen area for cooking and washing dishes.

Access to many of the tables is limited due to the close positioning of the tables to each other and the building support posts.

wet weather hall
Building support posts and close proximity of tables limits access

There is adequate space in the kitchen area for visitors in wheelchairs to roll their chair underneath the sinks but reaching the taps may be problematic due their height from the floor.

kitchen in wet weather hall

Reaching the hot water urn tap and the electric stove hotplates may also be problematic.