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Group Lodge - Baldwin Spencer

Accessibility Information

Baldwin Spencer Lodge is the most accessible lodge at Tidal River. The lodge is located on flat ground and cars are able to park very close to the building.

Baldwin Spencer Lodge
Baldwin Spencer Lodge

The bedrooms with bunk beds have limited space for manoeuvrability. The bedrooms that have two single beds are better. The lodges are quite spacious in the kitchen/meals area and in the common room.

The lodge has two bathrooms. One of these has a semi accessible shower and toilet. The entrance to the accessible toilet is approximately 800mm wide and has an inward swinging door. There is a reasonable amount of space in the toilet cubicle for manoeuvrability. There is grab railing on one sidewall and next to the toilet cistern.

Baldwin Spencer Lodge accessible toilet
Toilet with grab railings

There is a small washbasin in the corner with lever type taps. The washbasin, due to its location and design, would be hard to reach for most people in wheelchairs. As an alternative, there are twin vanity basins in the communal area but these do not have a roll under feature for wheelchairs.

Baldwin Spencer Lodge washbasin
Twin vanity basins in the communal area are lower but do not have a roll under feature

The accessible shower has sufficient space for manoeuvrability. This shower is height adjustable and the shower nozzle can detach from the wall. There is a fold down bench shower seat and horizontal and vertical grab rails.

Baldwin Spencer Lodge accessible shower
Accessible shower at Baldwin Spencer Lodge

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