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Day walks

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A range of walking opportunities are available to day visitors of all ages and fitness levels, taking in pristine beaches, temperate rainforest, towering sand dunes or lookouts offering spectacular panoramic views.

Plan carefully to ensure that you have enough daylight to complete these walks.

Norman Beach, Tidal Overlook, Squeaky Beach, Picnic Bay, Whisky Bay

This spectacular four beach walk allows the walker to fully experience the beauty of both land and sea at the Prom. Travel alternates between track and beach walking.

Distance: 6 km.
Time: 3 hours.
Grade: Easy/moderate.

Darby River to Tongue Point

Offering magnificent views of Darby Swamp, Vereker Range and Darby and Cotters Beach, this walk climbs gently through wind swept coastal vegetation before following the headland towards Tongue Point, a coastal headland jewelled with stacks of weathered granite. The track ends prior to the semi-attached island. For your safety don’t attempt to cross over to it.

Just before the Darby Saddle track junction, a short side track with some steps leads down to the delightful and secluded Fairy Cove. For your safety, check tides before you go.

This walk commences at the southern end of Darby River carpark

Distance: 3.8 km.
Time: 2 hours.
Grade: Moderate.

Darby Saddle to Tongue Point

The track from Darby Saddle provides spectacular coastal and forest scenery as it climbs uphill through stringybark and casuarina forest. At 2.1 km a side track (300 metres) leads up to Sparkes Lookout which offers views as far as the pyramid-shaped Rodondo Island in the south and Shallow Inlet in the north.

After the turnoff, the main track climbs steeply to Lookout Rocks, a vantage point offering views across to Norman Island. From here the track descends steeply through low heathland where it joins the track from Darby River and continues to Tongue Point, a coastal headland jewelled with tumbled stacks and boulders of weathered granite. The track ends prior to the semi-attached island. For your safety don’t attempt to cross over to it.

Distance: 5.6 km.
Time: 2.5 hours.
Grade: Moderate/hard.

Darby River, Fairy Cove, Tongue Point, Darby Saddle

This track allows visitors to fully enjoy the stunning Tongue Point coastal area. The walk can be done in either direction however walkers will need to organise a car shuttle.

Distance: 9.4 km.
Time: 3-3.5 hours.
Grade: Moderate/hard.

Mount Oberon Summit

Starting from the Telegraph Saddle car park, this iconic Prom walk follows the management vehicle track up Mount Oberon. Steps below the rocky summit lead to postcard perfect, panoramic views over Tidal River, the coast and offshore islands. Be prepared - even in summer months the summit can be windy, cool and clouded. Beware of unprotected cliffs.

Distance: 3.4 km.
Time: 1 hour.
Grade: Moderate/hard.

Telegraph Saddle to Tidal River, via Oberon Bay

From Telegraph Saddle car park, follow Telegraph Track for 6 km and turn right to Oberon Bay. From Oberon Bay, the walk to Tidal River alternates between beach and track. Once at Norman Beach, either return to Tidal River along the beach or take the track
signposted to Tidal River.

Make arrangements to collect your car.

Distance: 16.9km.
Time: 5.5 hours.
Grade: Easy/moderate.

Sealers Cove

One of the most popular walks at the Prom, the Sealers track climbs steadily to Windy Saddle and then downhill through beautiful forest to a boardwalk over Sealers Swamp to Sealers Cove.

Distance: 9.5 km.
Time: 3 hours.
Grade: Moderate.

Refer to the Walking at Wilsons Prom Park note below for more information.