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Woowookarung Regional Park planning

A new park, a new plan

Woowookarung Regional Park is Ballarat’s new regional park, which is being planned and shaped in collaboration with the community, local organisations, local agencies and Parks Victoria.

Where is Woowookarung Regional Park?

The 641-hectare park is situated to the east of Ballarat and is accessible from roads leading off Main Road on the Ballarat East, Canadian and Mt Clear side and from roads linking out to Eureka Street and Yankee Flat Road.

A new name

Located within the traditional lands of the Wadawurrung Aboriginal people, the park was renamed from Canadian Regional Park to Woowookarung Regional Park in July 2017 after strong support from the community. The new name, which means ‘Place of Plenty', was seen as a demonstration of respect towards the land’s Traditional Owners - as well as celebrating and acknowledging the area’s unique cultural heritage.

Woowookarung embodies the spirit and the history of this place, which provided food, medicine, water, shelter and raw materials for Aboriginal people. In Wadawurrung language Woowookarung means place of plenty", Uncle Bryon Powell, Elder and Chair of Wadawurrung.

Download a park map (PDF)

A new plan

Parks Victoria has consulted widely with the community and user groups to develop the Woowookarung Regional Park Strategic Directions Plan, which guides the management and development of the park for the next 15-20 years. The plan aims to preserve the natural and cultural values of the park while also realising the community’s aspirations for its future use.

Download Woowookarung Regional Park Strategic Directions Plan (18MB PDF)

The park vision

Woowookarung Regional Park will offer the broader Ballarat community and visitors a great natural outdoor environment for walking, jogging, cycling, nature study, playing and even stargazing.

It will support the social, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of all community members. The park will also help to conserve many different native plants and animals.

The community vision for the park is:

To provide an innovative, collaboratively managed and inspirational park that conserves the special and unique values of Woowookarung Regional Park, and supports a happy, active and healthy.

Read more about the Guiding Principles for planning Woowookarung Regional Park.

Further information

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