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Caretakers Cottage Picnic Area

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Accessibility information


The caretakers cottage area is accessed via the circular access road or directly from Reservoir Road.

The large northern carpark has two accessible parking spaces directly adjacent to the path leading to the toilet facilities. These spaces are both 4 metres wide and are asphalt and level. To the right of the spaces is an asphalt path that leads to the toilet block and picnic area.

caretakers cottage - parking

The path is level and is 1.2 metres in width. The toilet block is approximately 150 metres from the carpark.

caretakers cottage - access from carpark

Toilet Facilities

The toilet block has one large unisex disabled cubicle.

aretakers cottage - entrance to toilets

It is divided into two rooms. The outer room has an inward swinging door that is very light to open. The handle is a round knob that would require finger dexterity and grip. The door has an internal lock that is a twist type with a wing type handle. Finger dexterity or strength are not required to operate the lock.

The toilet is inside a second room that has a sliding door. It has a light action. Its handle is recessed type and the door has a light sliding action. There is no lock on the internal door.
The toilet has a seat height of 420 millimeters and is equipped with side and rear grab bars. It is an unusual design in that it is free standing and the only side support is the side grab bar. The flush buttons are located on the top of the cistern. They are a light action but would require finger dexterity to operate.

caretakers cottage - toilets

The hand basin is located in the outer room. It has clear space underneath it and no exposed hot water pipes. It is a twist type tap with a fluted handle that requires grip and strength to operate.

caretakers cottage - washbasin
There is also a baby change table and a fixed seating bench in the outer room.

caretakers cottage - bench in toilets

Picnic Facilities

This picnic area has great views over the Yan Yean reservoir.

caretakers cottage - view of reservoir

There are two electric barbecues with a working height of 850 millimetres. They are both on large concrete slabs that are level with the surrounding area. They are operated by a recessed small push button that requires finger dexterity to operate.

caretakers cottage - bbqs

caretakers cottage - bbq button

There is a picnic pavilion that contains four tables. These tables have fixed side seating with a 225 millimetre over hang. 

The pavilion has a concrete floor and is level.

caretakers cottage - picnic tables and shelter

There are tables on a similar design on the grassed areas of this picnic ground but most are small concrete pads.

caretakers cottage - picnic table