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Banksia Park - Picnic area and toilets

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Accessibility information

Picnic Pavilion

About 500 metres from the toilet block and information board is a picnic pavilion with tables.

There is a parking area that provides direct access to the pavilion via a 50 metre sealed path. There are no designated disabled parking spaces in the carpark, however there is a space either side of a marked access way for those requiring wheelchair access at the side of their vehicle. Access from the carpark is level.

access to picnic pavillion

The pavilion has a paved floor. There is one accessible picnic table with an extended table top to allow wheelchair users to sit front facing at the table. There are wood fired barbecues with a working height of 800 millimetres on the lawn area around the pavilion.

picnic pavillion

picnic tables


The toilet facilities are located at the beginning of the park, where the road divides into two distinct sections of the park.

There is parking either side of the toilet block. Each areas have a designated disabled parking space of 3.6 metres in width. Access to the toilet block is via a sealed path with a gradient of less than 1 in 14. The path is 1.5 metres in width.

designated disabled carpark

designated disabled carpark

path to road

The toilet has a unisex accessible cubicle. The large door swings outward and is light to open. The handle is a lever “push down” type that can be operated by wrist only. The lock is an internal rotating type that does not require finger dexterity. The toilet is 450 millimeters high and has side and rear grab bars.

There is room beside the toilet for a wheelchair.


The hand basin is accessible and there are no exposed hot water pipes. The basin has cold water only. The tap is a rotating type with a small lever.

baby change table

Outside the toilet block is a drinking fountain.

drinking fountain