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Agnes Falls: The perfect family outing

Agnes Falls

The health benefits of spending time in a natural outdoors environment are well-documented and include improved mood and concentration, better fitness and enhanced heart health. Walking outside can even assist recovery from stress and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. With so much to gain, getting out into the great outdoors on a regular basis is important for everyone. Yet all families have members for whom walking long distances is difficult. Young children, elderly people and those with illness or disability may feel reluctant to venture too far.

Luckily many of Victoria’s fabulous parks have picnic and toilet facilities in close proximity to carparking which means that everyone can come along.

One such park is the picturesque Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve, located in Gippsland around a 15 minute drive from the township of Toora or one hour from Wilsons Promontory.

Agnes Falls is a spectacular waterfall that cascades over a series of rocks over a 59 metre drop. It is a fantastic sight, especially after periods of heavy rain when the falls and surrounding rockpools are at their best. As the highest single span waterfall in Victoria, it is a must-see inclusion in the itinerary for all visitors to Gippsland.

The toilets adjacent to the carpark at Agnes Falls are wheelchair friendly and accessible from an flat path. There is a picnic shelter and all of the picnic tables are accessible to those in wheelchairs, although the path to get to them is a little steep, so some assistance may be needed.

Agnes Falls - picnic tablekookaburras
View of Agnes Falls picnic tables and some local kookaburras

The picnic area is delightful and the perfect spot for an outdoor lunch. The area is abundant in bird wildlife, such as rosellas, currawongs, honeyeaters and kookaburras, making it a favourite destination for birdwatchers. If you are really lucky you may even spot a Wedge-tailed Eagle, a White Crane or a Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo. Swamp Wallabies, possums and owls also call this place home, although they are much harder to spot during daylight hours. Keep your eyes peeled just in case! Trees are also abundant with beautiful Bluegums, Blackwood and Silver Wattles providing plenty of shade.

It is just a short 200 metre walk from the carpark to the Agnes Falls lookout, which has seating. The walk takes about five minutes so it is perfect for little children’s legs that can’t go too far! There are stairs and a short steep section so the viewing area is not accessible to those in wheelchairs. However, there are accessible sections on the path from where the falls can be clearly seen.

From Melbourne, Agnes Falls is less than 200km, making it feasible for a day trip. The best route is to take the Monash Freeway and the South Gippsland Highway to Toora before heading inland. A detour to the nearby Silcocks Hill Lookout is well-worth it for the magnificent views.

Picnic supplies, meals and fuel are readily available from nearby towns. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh local produce before you leave so that you can take a little bit of Gippsland home with you, too!

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