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Volunteer in Victoria's parks

Volunteer track work

Why volunteer?

Volunteering in parks is a great way to contribute to conserving Victoria’s special places. The many personal benefits of volunteering include learning more about plants and wildlife, gaining new skills, being in the outdoors, improving health and well being and meeting new friends. Time spent in nature also reduces stress and promotes physical wellbeing.

How to get involved


Discover hundreds of exciting volunteer opportunities around Victoria and learn about groups working in your local area.There are volunteer activities for every age group, skill...


Register to become an official Parks Victoria volunteer by creating a user account and volunteer profile with details about your interests, skills, and contact information.With...

Volunteer Groups

A friends’ group is a team of people with an interest in supporting a particular park, conservation reserve or species of native flora or fauna....

Other ways to volunteer

There are also many other community groups and organisations that provide opportunities to volunteer and help look after Victoria’s parks and bays.

For example, you can volunteer with:

For a more detailed listing of volunteer opportunities in Victoria, visit I can do that - Victoria's volunteering portal, an online community and information resource for Victorian volunteers and volunteering organisations.

Vision for the future

To find out about the future of volunteering at Parks Victoria download the Volunteering in Parks Strategic Plan.